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Street in Al Beidha

Visiting Amman in Jordan

Stone carvings from Nabatean period at the archeological museum near the Citadel (Amman, Jordan)

Avdat, Negev desert, Israel

Avdat is a city built by Nabatean tribes in the third century BC. This city was the center of the famous incense route. Here passed the caravans laden with spices on the way to the Mediterranean.

The original resevour was covered. Along the edge of the resevour are the notches where the arches fit into the side walls. This stone roof probably colapsed during an earthquake, and was later dug out when bedouin tribes entered the area.

Nabataean Terracotta Ware - Archaeological Museum - The Citadel - Amman, Jordan (jrozwado) Tags: archaeology museum asia citadel terracotta amman bowl jordan pottery nabataean