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Ooooo I just did this. I'm usually worried that I'll frustrate someone by repinning and liking all theirs cause I usually do it at night. But then when someone does it back to me I'm all like dude I'm so funny.


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Seriously what have I been doing all night? All I know is that it has been nothing on my to do list.

So true. This is what my sister calls flexing social muscles. Food is one thing that tips the scales from, "Wow, I don't know (because I seriously stay exhausted)" toward "I may actually go (after all, I won't have to expend the energy to actually cook)."

So I read this out loud, kinda to my hubby, who is on his way to put our daughter to bed. He laughs, she says, "oh boy I dont want it to be a killing one I sure hope its gonna be a shopping one"!!!!! ALmost peed my pants laughing at her!!!!!!!

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