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Zen Music Relaxation For Sleep, Spa, Study, Etc (8 Hours) By TheHonestGuys -

All about returning to your breath. For a Christian meditation return to your breath and say "God you breath life into me, love into me, grace into me" etc on each breath and exhale.

I'm thinking you should make "art" bathtubs and sinks that look like tree, tree stumps, tree branches around it, etc. I don't think anyone has done that yet, and it would be so awesome. We could advertise in log home books and on the internet pages of log homes. This could be the one to do...

onceuponathought: by Paul Huessenstamm * *“Difficult, after a while, to love one’s own - its inconsistencies, the classic diminutions, the terror of having only one. But if bodies had epitaphs, I’d want mine to read: It rattled its cage. It wouldn’t be appeased.” - Stephen Dunn BodiesRiffs & Reciprocities* The idea of therapeutic relaxation, which has become such a watchword in holistic medicine, doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s a little like p