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Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-9 Jaded //Gorgeous when fired - almost doesn't look like a Stroke & Coat

Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-78 Lime Light //I thought this would be very pretty, but it's not as muted as I'd like.

Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-51 Poo Bear //This looks great on small pieces - rich color. Almost doesn't look like a S&C

Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-42 Butter Me Up //Pretty color, needs thicker application. Not very shiny.

Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-88 Tu Tu Tango //WOW this turned out way brighter than I expected.

Mayco Stroke & Coat SC-89 Cutie Pie Coral //Turned out darker than I thought it would. Not as pretty as I hoped.