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Vintage Camera Necklace and A bit of Velvet, created by captured-ghosts on Polyvore

Spooky: Blair witch ghost 'captured on camera' roaming around Bristol woods

"WHITE LADY"! Two women who went camping in the woods got the fright of their lives after capturing this Blair Witch-style ghost on camera. Women got more than they bargained for when they camped out in the woods near Bristol.

Paranormal PAC MAN Shirt

This Paranormal PAC MAN Shirt shows the ghosts captured on a video camera haunting a couple in bed Paranormal Activity style. Apparently they were occupying their time when the arcade was closed.

Forget Kate's dress, it's Diana's bridal gown that's still drawing millions across the world

Haunting: The wedding dress has a ghostly glow as it stands on a mock-up staircase on its world tour live ghost cams! This sight is amazing! With the live cams you can watch 24/7 and if you see something unusual you can click on the picture and a moderator will take a look and tell you if you have captured something paranormal. Some of the captures are so fascinating!!!!

In what appears to be the set of a science fiction movie, photographer Niccolo Bonfadini has captured ghostly images of trees buried under a foot of snow in the Arctic Circle. Snow and frost become so thick the entire landscape is transformed into an otherworldly planet