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Chicken Panini with Artichoke Parmesan Spread

Celebrating the original Italian sandwich, this book’s 45 recipes cover simple favorites like three cheese with tomato and basil or hearty pulled pork with slaw, as well as sophisticated combinations like nectarine, arugula and brie, or roas…

Green Olive & Pecan Spread

Green Olive & Pecan Cream Cheese Spread _ Green olives have always been a favorite & when they’re mixed with cream cheese & pecans things just get even better. The texture of the pecans is perfect in this dip & the salty olives are amazing!

Fireside Cheese Spread

21 Appetizer Recipes for Your Holiday Party - Delight your guests with these holiday appetizer recipes perfect for celebrating the season. Find festive takes on stuffed mushrooms, crostini, cheese spread, spinach dip and more crowd-pleasing appetizers.

Homemade Garlic Spread

Homemade Garlic Spread Recipe made with garlic, fresh herbs, and Parmesan cheese. Spread this butter on your favorite bread and toast!`

Carrot Cashew Spread

Carrot Cashew Spread // This is made with no dairy, so it's vegan! It's great on crackers or you can spread it over toast points.

Garlic yogurt chicken salad sandwich with sun dried tomato spread

Garlic yogurt chicken salad sandwich. I added some curry powder and cilantro and served it on naan for an Indian version; it was delicious! Had it with arugula and some garlicky fries!