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Vintage Quilt Kitty Cat Greeting Card Thank you Note

Christmas Quilted Appliqued Fabric Postcard A small gift in a card

This is a 4x6 quilted postcard. Postquilts are fabric on the front and paper on the back so you can be creative too! They are suitable for mailing,

Feedsack Heart Cards Vintage Cutter Quilt Everyday Greeting Blank Note Card Primitive Upcycled Stationery itsyourcountry

patchwork potholders - these are made from vintage quilts, but something similar would be a good xmas present.

I had heard of fabric postcards being done before, so I surfed around a bunch of different sites about fabric postcards. I found many different ways to do it, as well as different specifications and such that is required by the USPS. I put a bunch of different suggestions and thoughts together and came up with this way to make a fabric postcard. Yay!