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Did You Guess This Secret About Selena Gomez's Gorgeous Hair?

You go girl>>>>> This movie has some of the best and most gender stereotype breaking characters ever.<<<what movie is this? Become a champion for women's rights at

YOU CANNOT TELL ME THERE WASN'T MAGIC INVOLVED HERE! Haha Before and after they all look so different #pottertime #mindhplove

Thor spent the first six months in Avengers Tower having to have Midgardian references explained to him, help using the technology and so on. Everyone kept telling Tony to be patient with him, he was an alien after all, and he didn’t work out anything was up until he went to the kitchen at six in the morning to find Thor making toast and discussing the latest episode of Doctor Who with Clint over a cup of coffee. Which is why Thor is in the lead for the ‘who can mess with Tony the most’…