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I share our experience of using reusable / cloth nappies with our baby / toddler. Includes a review of numerous reusable cloth nappy brands, including TotsBots EasyFit Star Reusable Nappy, @Charlie Banana “2-in-1” Reusable Diapering System, @closeparent Pop-In New Gen V2 Reusable Nappy, @Piriuki Easy One Size All in One Diaper, Daisybirds Kids Bamboo Hybrid Nappy, gNappies gPants with Biodegradable Disposable Inserts

Easyfit Royal Flush Ltd Edition | TotsBots Have one of these on the way eeeek!

#TotsBots » Easyfit London. Is this the nicest thing to put on #babies bums or what?

Babies need proper nutrition to grow and buy Easyfit baby pull ups and diapers from

Frugi Easyfit V3 Cloth Nappy/Diaper at Organic Baby Wearhouse $29.95