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Really love what SnugglebuggKnit is doing on Etsy.

Infants Hand Knit Gold Sparkling Hair Bow with by SnugglebuggKnit

Girl's Pink Knit Bow Barrettes with Flower by SnugglebuggKnit

Baby's Large Blue Knit Bow Flower Crystal by SnugglebuggKnit

Infants Large Pink Hand Knit Hair Bow with by SnugglebuggKnit

Baby's Pink Bow Hair Clips with Crystal Flower by SnugglebuggKnit

Pin, Charm Holder, Charm Holding Pin, Pin For Charms, Sterling Silver Charm Pin, Charm Pin, Silver Pin, Sterling Silver Charm Holder Pin

ON SALE Sterling Silver Charm Holder Pin by jewelrymandave on Etsy, $23.05

NOW ON SALE Slanted Pink Heart Charm by jewelrymandave on Etsy, $28.01

Bridal Handkerchief,Bridal Hanky,Christening Hanky,Vintage Hanky,Vintage Handkerchief Battenburg Lace Pink White Hanky

ON SALE BRIDAL HANdKerchiefBridal by KathysRetroKorner on Etsy