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Unhappy poodle "Put me DOWN!"

((This is my actual feeling rn))Mags) "I already can't do this anymore. I'm here for a new start, and It's heading the same place it did in the beginning in Nebraska.. I just want to take a whole bottle of sleeping pills and never wake up again. I want it over now. I deserve to be sad, and depressed, and unhappy. I'm actually a despicable human being. No one should like me, I don't know why Jason even kissed me. I'm not pretty. I'm ugly. I don't deserve to have someone love me.

Storybook House - where I can live a storybook life - prefereably where the happy troll spends her days spinning, reading, knitting, embroidering and sleeping, not the one where the unhappy troll gets eaten by a nasty princess.

DA still surprises me. Despite my being very inactive here, I still somehow get followers and such! Thank you! Here's a quick painting from work break. Tried to apply my masters studies knowledge. ...

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