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"Okay, at times portions of our place look as brier-y as Sleeping Beauty's castle... But we are wide awake here in Vermont. First we picked the black raspberries, then the red raspberries, and now - early August --- the blackberries. All just GIVEN by nature! Just showing up, with such generosity!"

Naked Strawberry Rasberry Shortcake, How To Make (almost) Any Cake

naked strawberry raspberry shortcake. "--- I just love the unpretentious, unfrou-frou, but still clearly special and spectacular look of this. And it looks like REAL FOOD --- no fake food coloring or excessive decoration...." --- Crescent Dragonwagon

30 Patriotic 4th of July Decorating Ideas

Have done many strawberry / blueberry 4th of July desserts (cheesecakes, tres leches with berries, etc) ... but cupcakes a new and very cute idea,

"Japanese wineberries --- I adore these and have never before seen them written about! I gathered them, wild, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (they are in season there around July 4, and make a gorgeous seasonal shortcake) , and also along the aqueduct in Westchester County, New York". - Crescent Dragonwagon

Raspberry Rosemary Foccacia, part of the 2nd Annual Garlic Harvest Dinner at High Meadow Farm, Westminster West, Vermont, 2013.

Dani, of Moderate Oven, makes my Shocking Pasta from Passionate Vegetarian. This is such a good dish; so healthy, so simple, so truly delish, and so wild-ass shocking pink! (Saute the beet greens as a side-dish, or serve with a green salad).

Strawberries, just picked, from Walker Farm, Dummerston, Vermont. Smaller, dense, bumpy, spitting juice, solid, and just packed with intense strawberriness. Some things are worth being willing to wait for all year, and celebrate then and there, in their moment, in the full saturation of their flavor., color, fragrance. The pale fibrous large red things that pass as strawberries in January or December ; they just aren't strawberries.