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At a glance you already know this is Russian. An Antonov AN-2 quite an impressive machine proud of it's unique standing among an airport of mostly Cessnas.

A stop at Talkeetna is a step back in time. Oozing of aviation nostalgia this fun airport and unique Alaska town is any aviators dream.

These Canadians pulled in after I had gone flying. They looked a bit disheveled and without transportation so I offered them a ride to town. They got a rundown of all the restaurants in town and then I dropped them off at their hotel near my house. At the airport the next day they said they had pizza and it was so awesome that they even got one for this long day of flying. The crew of 3 was working on some sort of surveying project.

Shooting video on the ramp at Talkeetna Airport with K2 aviation. Flying is only part of the fun working with great people all around and enjoying perfect Summer days.

Business trip to Talkeetna to film with K2 Aviation. There's something really special about this aviation outfit nestled at a cool airport in a quaint Alaskan town.

Magnificent moments with magical flying machines. Sometimes the light is just right and the moment is perfect. I took this just after a flight about to leave the airport.

Morning tjme at Lake Hood AK. Many pilots heading out for a hard days work in the backcountry. This gravel strip connected to the larger complex with adjacent seaplane base and international airport has an amazing 1100 aircraft which are 96% single engine GA.

Airplanes are lot like relationships -- You get out of them what you put in. In some cases there are trodden down rust buckets. In others even old airframes see plenty of TLC and flying action. One way or another there is diversity in the type of machines you'll see at the airport each with a different story.

Made it to the Valdez Fly-in! Here with @deonmitton and @_expeditiongirl documenting this unique aviation event. Say hello if you're attending. Would love to help you get great aviation photos/video #STOL16

In general I find myself embracing the change of the seasons. Each new time of year and each transition is unique and special. However it's scenes like this that I'll really miss for the next 5 months. To make up for it I intend on doing some good flying and learn more about how to operate more consistently during the Winter.