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How do you train to cycle over the Alps?

The Connection between Daunting and Inspiring

Wiring the brain. This picture shows detailed maps of brain wiring in a sleeping newborn baby (left) and an adult in their seventies (right) visualised using MRI. The coloured lines represent the wires of the brain that form the basis of the human “neural network”. These images came from studies designed to assess the effect of premature birth on the development of brain connections and to identify areas of age related damage (shown as blue solids) in older adults.

Picture library captures Royal Society's rich history

The Royal Society has launched an online archive of fascinating images, including flying fish, the first illustration of a kangaroo or wallaby, a heavily tattooed Maori, and the death mask of Isaac Newton

JFK assassination: New film tells a different story

The murder of President Kennedy has been dramatised many times on screen. But a new movie tells the story of the ordinary people caught up in the tragedy.