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Dr. James Hutchens speaks on the topic "Syria and the End Times." Is the U.S. Russian agreement regarding Syria's chemical weapons referred ...

Dr. James Hutchens speaks of the importance of the coming elections in the United States in regards to Israel and America's future.

Dr. James Hutchens addresses the discussions that are going on now about the land of Israel (the Samarian area in particular).

Dr. James Hutchens encourages all Americans to go to the polls on Election Day November 6th and vote.

Dr. James Hutchens speaks about the profound fellowship that Christian Zionist have with their fellow Jews. Yael Eckstein, the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, said on her tour of the U.S., "The friendship fostered between Christians and Jews is not only historic, but prophetic."

Mid-East Prophecy Update -- Feb 2, 2014 - Excellent! Pastor Farag gives us an update on headlines, what God's word says about the times we're living in & he addresses what we should be doing in this time!

Jim Hutchens talks about how we can show comfort, compassion and mercy to Israel and the Jews in these difficult times.