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Can Their Love Last Forever? - Have there ever been better bedfellows than art and luxury? Both are based on the sale of objects that have little inherent use or value, but which retail at high prices.

Lucy + Jorge Orta at the Shanghai Biennale | Vantage Shanghai "In this work, the warmth of one gives warmth to the other. The physical link weaves a social link.” French urban philosopher Paul Virilo highly praised Lucy+Jorge Orta’s work “Nexus Architecture”.

You may like to look at art, or perhaps collect it. But if you’ve ever had fantasies of being an art piece, the Parisian street artist and photographer known as J R is offering you the chance, by way of his “Inside Out” project.

Earlier this month, Christie’s New York held an auction of the collection of the late modern art dealer Jan Krugier. At the event, Chinese businessman Wang Jianlin paid $28,165,000 for the Pablo Picasso oil painting “Claude et Paloma,” and set the record high for the auction.

Why We Like Abstract Paintings? | Vantage Shanghai Neuroaesthetics, a relatively recent sub-discipline of empirical aesthetics, explores the questions of what happens to our brains when we look at abstract paintings

All’s Well That Ends Well | Vantage Shanghai As one of China’s most celebrated directors, Dr. Wang Xiaoying brought a Chinese drama troupe to perform Shakespeare’s Richard III at the Globe Theatre in London.

A selection of late works by Philip Guston will be showing at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt gallery in Germany. The Canadian born American painter would have been celebrating his 100th birthday this year. His painting To Fellini was sold at the price $25,883,750 at the spring auction earlier this year.

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