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The fabrics we use are very important for many reasons. Details of the fabrics used by us will be seen here.
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Athens (Αθήνα)

PIETER PETROS || KLEARCHOS I || #PIETERPETROS not only offers the finest, rarest and best complementing fabrics, but also the most distinct ones. The quality is such that a #PPsuit can be recognized in a sea of similar fashioned pieces. #Klearchos1 has the darkest available shade of black, that we refer to as Super Black. This #suit makes any other Black #tuxedo look grey.

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PIETER PETROS|| SENSATICO I || Other than having the best quality, we also believe in using the rarest fabrics to make our suits the epitome of exclusivity. #Sensatico1 is made out of 100% #bamboofabric.

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Bangalore | Bengaluru

PIETER PETROS || MIAMI I || All elements of every creation is perfectly complimented to bring out the owner’s personality the best.

Downtown Dubai ( وسط مدينة دبي)

PIETER PETROS || CAPO I || We use only the finest quality of fabrics available in the market. #Capo1 is made out of 100% wool with Super 130s threads, weaved in a #Houndstooth pattern.