Great British Chef's Richard Davies partners succulent #WelshLamb with black olives, tomato and courgette. Making gnocchi from scratch can frustrate and reward in equal measure - be sure to take your time.

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Rich with spices, aromatic apricots and preserved lemons, this Moroccan-style #WelshLamb recipe from Great British Chef Bryan Webb produces a bona-fide winter warmer.

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Bryan Webb's #WelshLamb loin dish is bursting with Mediterranean flavour, thanks to punchy accompaniments of tapenade and spiced aubergine.

This exceptional #WelshLamb recipe combines a confit leg with a rack of lamb to make a sumptuous and meaty dish. Morgan Meunier serves it with sweet confit garlic, spinach ravioli and an artichoke barigoule sauce making it a flavour-packed main course.

Andrew MacKenzie flavours his simple roast #WelshLamb recipe with garlic, rosemary and anchovy - the perfect accompaniments for this flavourful meat.

This muscular dish from Great British Chef Francesco Mazzei epitomises nose-to-tail eating, pairing a rack of #WelshLamb with its sweetbreads and kidneys. Broad beans, peas, tomatoes and watercress make lovely summery accompaniments but feel free to adapt this rack of Welsh Lamb recipe to suit other seasons.

Bryan Webb simply prepares beautiful #WelshLamb cutlets on a smoking hot griddle and serves alongside homemade hummus and halloumi in this lamb cutlets with halloumi recipe.

Great British Chef Alyn Williams pairs meaty and unctuous #WelshLamb shanks with a comforting parsnip and potato bubble and squeak for a richly wintry dish. Alyn's pressure cooked lamb shanks recipe is completed by a heady smoky bacon sauce.

Great British Chef Bryan Webb shares a superb #WelshLamb with pesto recipe, relying on bold Mediterranean flavours to craft a deceptively simple dish.

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