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Marianne North - English Botanical Artist - 1830-1890

She travelled all over the world for 15 years to all 7 Continents leaving behind some 1200 beautifully coloured - and botanically accurate - paintings. The Marianne North Gallery in Kew Gardens in London holds some 800 of them. It's a visually astonishing display which Marianne North herself designed, and includes panelling below the tightly packed paintings that includes timber samples from every Continent.
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Marianne North - Two Climbing Plants of St John's and Butterflies (c.1882)

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415. Honeyflowers and Honeysuckers, South Africa. botanical print by Marianne North

415. Honeyflowers and Honeysuckers, South Africa.

Kew: Marianne North Gallery: A Swamp Plant and Moorhen, Seychelles


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clawmarks: Marianne North (1830-1890) - Wild flowers from the neighborhood of New YorkSome background info on Marianne North


Kew: Marianne North Gallery: Painting 274: Himalayan Flowers embedded in Maidenhair Fern

a Marianne North Painting at Kew Gardens

Antics of Ants among the Flowers by Marianne North ca.1882

BBC - Your Paintings - Antics of Ants among the Flowers

A Giant Kniphofia near Grahamstown, Marianne North; c. 1882; Oil on board; Collection: Marianne North Gallery Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England

Your Paintings - A Giant Kniphofia near Grahamstown

African Baobab Tree in the Princess's Garden at Tanjore, India by Marianne North 1878

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Berry-Bearing Tasmanian Shrubs by Marianne North early 1880s

BBC - Your Paintings - Berry-Bearing Tasmanian Shrubs

Aloes and Plumbago near Grahamstown, South Africa by Marianne North 1882

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