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In conjunction with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Art Gallery of Ontario hosted an extraordinary exhibition in 2010-2011. The exhibition explored in depth the opulent world of the maharajas, from early 18th century until Indian independence in 1947. Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts

ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly: Maharaja splendour in Canada

Krishna Fluting in the Forest, India, Rajasthan, ca.1720-40. Miniature,-rajasthan,-jaipur,-48-c-5a25232222

eye burfi, Krishna Fluting in the Forest, India, Rajasthan,...

Detail from an Indian state cap reputed to have belonged to the last Muslim King of Delhi, Bahadur Shah Zafar II (1775-1862) who was a descendent of the Mughal Dynasty. King Zafar succeeded to the throne of Delhi in 1837 but was imprisoned in 1858 by the British after the 1857 revolution. Medium: Gold wire embroidery, feathers, rubies, pearls and emeralds.

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Maharaja Bhupinder Singh (1891-1938) of Patiala,1900. From "Posing For Posterity: Royal Indian Portraits", by Pramod Kumar

Indian Royal Child Portraits ~ Mere Pix