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Real Ghost Pictures: The Reaper and The Nursing Home

This photo was taken by a resident of the Nursing Home that my Mom works in. Prior to the photo being taken, members of the staff and other residents heard the sounds of a door opening and closing along with the appearance of a call light turning on and off, yet nobody was in the room. From what I have been told this picture had been taken roughly 15 minutes after a patient in the facility had passed on...

Real Ghost Pictures: Four Ghosts Carrying The Body of a Witch

A retired policeman claims to have captured a picture of ghosts carrying the body of a witch on a stretcher. Chris Halton, 55, took the eery photo on Coffin Alley while visiting The Cage, in St Osyth village, Essex – dubbed one of Britain’s most haunted houses, according to TV series Great British Ghosts.

Real Ghost Pictures: The Running Man

Ghost hunters from the Sydney South West Paranormal Investigators (SSWPI) of Sydney, Australia were investigating the haunted St. Bartholomew's Cemetery when they took this picture that seems to show a ghost walking near one of the headstones.

Real Ghost Pictures: Footprints in The Snow

I was home alone last night while my parents were out of town, it snowed off and on for most of the day and night. I woke up the next morning and I was going to the kitchen to get breakfast when I noticed I wasn’t the only one here last night!

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Real Ghost Videos: Real Paranormal Activity Captured on Film - Paranormal 360

Real Ghost Videos: The Unmade Bed - Paranormal Activity Caught On Video - Paranormal 360

Tombstone Tourist Guide: Island Of The Dolls

One of the best parts of Halloween is scaring yourself silly and exploring the spooky side of everyday life, including all the crazy-scary places that exist in the world. These towns and individual buildings are known for lingering ghosts and frightening

Real Ghost Pictures: The Little Girl In The Cemetery

Real Ghost Pictures: The Little Girl In The Cemetery. This incredible photograph was captured by Sacramento Paranormal Investigating and Research Team, here’s what they have to say: This was taken by one of our new members, Lynn. The first one is the original. Let us know what you think, we are very open to debunking, it is what allows us to go forward with our integrity in tact. Looking forward to your thoughts…

Real Ghost Pictures: The Uninvited Wedding Guest

Taken in October 1972 by a professional photographer who was commissioned to take photographs of guests arriving at the wedding reception of friends whose son had just married in Paisley. The photo shows me on the left, my wife who is pregnant at the time, and friends. Crouching behind one of the figures is a “spirit extra” looking towards the camera and dressed in what appears to be open-toed sandals...