I love my leather jacket but sometimes it's just not warm enough, and it's really too slim fitting to get much thick, bulky layers underneath. This is a really great idea and I love faux fur. If I could get this black faux fur vest, that'd be sweet.

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Jessica Rabbit’s Iconic dress seems to come in two colors – Pink and Red. There is a slight controversy among cosplayers as to which is accuracte – but based on screen shots from …

Community Post: Super Mario Bros. Re-Imagined In 100 Images

Calem and Charizard(via) Pikachu(via) Altaria vs. Gyarados(via) Arcanine(via) A Whole Bunch of Pokemon (via) Fire Starter Pokemon (via) Fire 2 ... View Examples of Realistic Videogame Characters" and more funny posts on Dorkly