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Siddhartha Nandi

Siddha Lakshmi, the Accomplished Auspicious One. Nepal 1796. This unusual white goddess is the patron deity of the Malla Kings of the Kathmandu Valley and their descendants (13th to the 18th century). Associated with the Secret Black Mother tradition (Guhya Kali), her principal function is to turn back evil along with malicious spirits and negative forces. Also practiced in Bengal, she arises from the Sanskrit literature of the Jayadrataya Mala Tantra.

Thangkas and Mandalas

This illustrates the story from the Mahabharata where Draupadi, the wife of the Pandava brothers, prays to Lord Krishna for help and is saved by His making the cloth of her sari endless so she can not be humiliated.

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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11 — "O universal Lord, I wish to see You in Your four-armed form, with helmeted head and with club, wheel, conch and lotus flower in Your hands. I long to see You in that form."

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