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Infant Krishna and his Foster-Mother Yashoda Krishna's Foster-Mother, Yashoda, with the Infant Krishna India (Tamil Nadu, Pudukkottai and Tanjavur districts) Chola period, early 12th century Copper alloy Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

You come to usfrom another world From beyond the starsand void of space.Transcendent, Pure,Of unimaginable beauty,Bringing with youthe essence of love You transform allwho are touched by you.Mundane concerns,troubles, and sorrowsdissolve in your presence,Bringing joyto ruler and ruledTo peasant and king You bewilder uswith your grace.All evilstransform intogoodness. You are the master alchemist. You light the fire of lovein earth and skyin heart and soulof every being. Through your love