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Living a #worldclass life! How #luxury and #agriculture Can meet in glorious beauty @ our first project - Naandi
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The gateway into, what could be, your new uber luxurious eco-home..

It's not just some distant idea! You too can be a collective, organic farmer without the stress and struggle of personally having to manage this lifestyle. For more information, Visit Us at

We've started Hydroponics on Naandi! What is Hydroponics, you say? Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water - without soil. The earliest work was published in 1627 by a Francis Bacon in a book called "Sylva Sylvarum". He found that plants in less pure water sources grew better than plants in distilled water. Water Culture has since become a modern cultivation technique, that has quickly become a trend these days. We are now part of this lifestyle…

What you see is what you get at Organo's first self-sustainable, collective farming community of Rurban Farmers! Here is just one angle of our Farm. If you are interested in being a Rurban Farmer, visit us @

Basket Weaving classes by the locals from the nearby village. We at Naandi strongly believe in engaging the locals - getting them to participate with our projects, as doing this helps them to except us in their community by giving them job opportunities for their unique talents, and helps us understand and connect to our roots better.

This very beautiful and green arch is not a 3D Illustration, it's the entrance to Naandi's Medicinal Plantation. We @ Organo want to make everyday a green day - a day that is filled with all Nature's goodness and beauty. That is why all our projects are eco-friendly, organic, and pro-outdoor and passive health. This, we feel, is what defines true luxury.

In less than a year, our first project Naandi has come from Render to Reality! We really couldn't have done it without our visionary leaders and the solid team behind them. This, my friends, is what dreams are made of!

Read more on our blog!

Solar Trees - not just Solar Panels. Read more about it on the link given below.

When summers get too much to bear, never worry! We've got the perfect solution. Here's what we did at Naandi to make summers feel like just another day of Spring! Read our latest blog about Tunnel Drafting.

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