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Monty is a sensitive lad from Kenilworth who takes his time to get to know new people. He does love his food and treats which could be used as part of his on going training.

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Charlie at Dogs Trust Evesham is a very typical collie and is finding kennel life quite a stress at the moment. He is a stunning lad who is looking for a family who will be patient with him and take the time to commit to his training and confidence building. He loves to play with toys so this may make a good training aid and has a lot of potential, just needs the right home.

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April here from Basildon is looking for owners who will continue her training and help her grow into a well adjusted adult dog. April can be worried by other dogs and requires slow positive introductions. April is currently in foster care so adopters must contact the centre to arrange an appointment to meet with her.

Jazzie at Dogs Trust Basildon is a worried little lady who does love being around people, but is quite fearful without her best friend Daisy by her side. Jazzie likes a fuss and cuddles and will climb on your lap for some attention, but she likes to do this herself and doesn't like being picked up very much.

Chico and Teddy are lovable Pomeranians who arrived at Ballymena together. These two are very reliant on each other and would love to find a home together. They are looking for a home where they can enjoy home comforts, a couple of short walks each day, and a comfy bed to curl up on! For more information please contact Dogs Trust Ballymena directly!

Juliet here from Kenilworth will need to live with another dog in her new home as she gains in confidence when her kennel mate is around. Juliet is an extremely nervous lady who is finding life overwhelming at the moment. She needs an understanding and patient home with owners who know how to treat her in a positive way and bring her out of her shell. She could live with older sensible teenagers as long as they give her time on her own when she needs it.

Mike here from Newbury loves to play ball and will bring a tennis ball back to your feet ready to be thrown again & again. Mike can be a bit on the boisterous side so he needs some one who can keep up with his high energy levels. He is currently having training to help keep him calm in certain situations as he can get very over excited at times.

Sparkle at Dogs Trust Bridgend is 13 years young. She is a strong minded little dog, full of character. She does like her home comforts and loves her bed and toys. She is still very active and loves her walks. She is sensitive being handled and can be reactive if worried, so she will need careful handling. Sparkle needs to be the only dog in the home, as she doesn't socialise well with other dogs.

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Harry at Dogs Trust Darlington is a real fan of his toys and would play forever given the chance. Harry is a social friendly boy who meets everyone nicely. Harry will suit owners used to the breed and the fun they bring to your home. Harry will need some training as he can get rather over excited around other dogs whilst out on a walk which can lead to problems - Dogs Trust trainers can advice on this. Harry could potentially live with another dog and with children aged around 11yrs.

Sizzles is a 5 year old Cross breed at Dogs Trust Salisbury. He is cracking looking boy that is ready to start his new life in an active, fun home. He enjoys his walks and playing with toys. Sizzles is good with his food and very gentle with his toys. Sizzles can be a little worried by new people at first and he is an anxious boy so a calm, rural environment is essential for him.