Bhagwad Gita : Chapter 16( सोलहवाँ अध्यायः दैवासुरसंपद्विभागयोग )DIVINE AND THE DEMONIC QUALITIES

श्रीमद् भगवद् गीता .(SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GEETA (the god of shri krihna sing)
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BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 20 } The divine, illusory energy (Maya) creates a multitude of pairs of oppo­sites, such as good and evil, loss and gain, pleasure and pain, hope and despair, compassion and apathy, generosity and greed, perseverance and laziness, courage and cowardice, love and hatred, merits and demerits, and divine and demonic qualities. They have no real existence whatsoever. Therefore, it is wise not to note any merit or demerit in people (BP 11.19.45, TR 7.41.00).

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BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 21 } One must learn to control desires with contentment, and anger with forgiveness. They who have overcome desires have really conquered the world and live a peaceful, healthy, and happy life.

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BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 21 } The Upanishad says: A golden gate (of lust, anger, greed, illusion, delusion, and attachment) blocks the passage to God (IsU 15). This gate can be opened by concerted, individual effort only. Lust, anger, and greed were created to control the entry of hu­man beings to heaven and to lead them to the gates of hell. conti....

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BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 24 } Any religion that creates walls of conflict and hatred among people in the name of God is not a religion, but selfish politics in disguise. We have no right to criticize any religion, sect, or cult in any way. Differences in human interpretation of scriptures – the transcendent voice – are due to taking the literal meaning, prejudice, ignorance, taking lines out of context, as well as distortion, misinterpretation, and interpolation with personal selfish motives.

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BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 21 } शास्त्रविपरीत आचरणों को त्यागने और शास्त्रानुकूल आचरणों के लिए प्रेरणा) त्रिविधं नरकस्येदं द्वारं नाशनमात्मनः। कामः क्रोधस्तथा लोभस्तस्मादेतत्त्रयं त्यजेत् LUST, ANGER, AND GREED ARE THE THREE GATES TO HELL Lust, anger, and greed are the three gates of hell leading to the down­fall (or bondage) of the individual. Therefore, one must learn to give up these three. (16.21)

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BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 21 } Lust, anger, and greed evaporate from the mind only after discovering that there is no “I” and “’my”. Uncontrolled greed for material possessions of modern civilization may destroy the possessor by destroying the natu­ral environment, the very support of life and civilization. conti....

BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 21 } Selfish desire or lust is the root of all evil. Mundane desires are also the origin of all demonic qualities. These demonic or negative qualities, such as an­ger, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy, hatred, and fraud, are born out of de­sire and are also called sin. Desire, when fulfilled, brings more desires, thereby breeding greed. Unfulfilled desires cause anger. Anger is a temporary in­sanity.

BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 21 } People do sinful acts when they are angry. They who act in haste under the spell of anger repent afterwards. Igno­rance of metaphysics is responsible for lust; therefore, lust can be removed only by acquiring Self-knowledge. Lust also obscures Self-knowledge as a cloud covers the sun. conti.

BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 23 } Where women are honored, there celestial controllers dwell pleased. Women must always be loved and protected from the temptation of evil-minded men. A woman’s father protects her in childhood, her husband protects her in youth, and her sons protect her in old age (MS 3.56). Fortitude, righteousness (Dharma), friends, and spouse – these four are tested only during adversity. conti..

BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 23 } good. If a bridge is built, even an ant can easily cross the river, no matter how big a river is. Similarly, the scripture is the bridge to cross over the river of Maya. Therefore, one should always follow the guidance of a person who is well versed in the scriptures, as stated by the Lord in the following verse:

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