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Lalita Kunda Lalita-sakhi is the most important amongst Radharani’s girlfriends and is also Her most confidential adviser, especially in matters of love. Similarly, Rupa Manjari is the most confidential maidservant to Lalita-sakhi. Therefore it is said that before one can approach Radharani, one must first seek the permission and blessings of Lalita, similarly before one can approach Lalita, one must first get the permission and blessings of Rupa-manjari. Vraja Mandala Parikrama And The…


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Heart-to-heart-waves, Sri Lalita Sakhi’s Divine Birthday……ki Jaya Yes...

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5th September is known as the day when Radharani was born. She is generally associated with Krishna as his childhood love. Plus Radharani is my grandma's name:)

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