#EcoFabulouslyMe - create one board for a chance to win a handcrafted bronze perfume pocket watch worth £100.

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PIN IT TO WIN IT - BRONZE POCKET WATCH SIGNATURE PERFUME. HERE IT IS... the Fabulous Competition Prize worth £100. Just create a board called #EcoFabulouslyMe with Mimi & Me to win it.

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Hi Just wanted to show the world the #EcofabulouslyMe Boards which have been created by my loyal #MIMIME fans. Im bursting with pride and just want to say thank you...

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A weekend in Morocco by Ben Sacco

A weekend in Sicily by Mia Sacco

Signature Travel Set with Solid Perfume & Candle. #EcoFabulouslyMe

London on a Boris bike via Belinda Smiley. #EcoFabulouslyMe

A weekend in Paris by Alyssa Crone - #EcoFabulouslyMe

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