Nicole Stokes

Nicole Stokes

Only the strong survive in this crazy world.
Nicole Stokes
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I was inspired by the photo, which is not mine. I love how bullet journaling works so here is my shot. Plus I needed to write out LMM’s sonnet from the Tonys.

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everyday a different color, beautiful gifs, soft goth, nature.. images that I like and attract my attention. I hope you'll find images here for your taste too... HAVE FUN !

Superfish Aqua Flow 2 Air Pump. Designed for fish tanks/aquariums and ponds (must be kept dry). It has 2 outputs to connect airlines to along with a knob to adjust the airflow. Other sizes are available. NOTE: We have Air Tube and Air Stones...

Do it yourself also known as DIY is the method of building modifying or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals

So excited for Friday night, aka November 25 it's going to be fantastic get your Gilmore girl on😂😘