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Children's Books - Hatpeople of Hatland

Children's books about the magical adventures of the Hatpeople. The first book follows the adventures of 'The Little Helmet' in a quest to stop a terrifying fire-breathing dragon and save Hatland, a story about the power of friendship, courage, diversity, and a sprinkling of magic. Includes - Knights, Wizards, Kings, Queens, Dragons, Magic, Castles, News Reporters, Firefighters, Pirates, Astronauts, Princesses and many more to come!
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'Pirate Panic!' - Captain Jolly Roger, Parrot, Treasure Map, Ship, Sea, Gold Buckles, Beard, Children's Books, Kidlit, Kidlitart, Picturebooks, Hats, Hatpeople of Hatland.

Princess Tiara - No Ordinary Princess!

FREEBIE giveaway as Hatpeople celebrate their first birthday! Get 'The Little Helmet' and the 'Hat Magic!' e-books free for a week at Smashwords and related sites for a week. So there's plenty of reading and colouring for children with these picturebooks - so celebtrate and enjoy the birthday celebrations. Dragon, Knight, Wizard, Cake, Slice, Candle, Magic, Birthday Card.

Here shipmates have we got our colouring books yet? 'Hat Magic!' colouring book out now via website and Amazon, plenty of colouring fun for children and parents. Plenty of free printable kids' activities on the website.

X marks the spot for colouring fun! Captain Jolly Roger and Squawk are off to hunt for treasure and let's hope it's colourful! Creative fun for children, aiding parents and parenting. New 'Hat Magic!' colouring book based on the first two Hatpeople children's picturebooks. Plenty more printable and free Kids' Activities on the website, based on the books.

New Colouring Fun for Children! Parents the 'Hat Magic!' colouring book is available at Website and Amazon. Plenty of children's characters, to color based on the first two Hatpeople picturebooks. Plenty of Free activities on the 'Kids' Activities' page based on the books.

Hatricks the magician reviews children's picturebook classic Maurice Sendak's 'Where The Wild Things Are' - see book review on website.

The Hatpeople do Star Wars, to celebrate the release of 'The Force Awakens', The Little Helmet with Lightsaber!

Hat Magic! colouring book available at Amazon, includes all the pictures to colour from the Hatpeople's first two adventures 'The Little Helmet' and 'Pirate Treasure Ahoy!', children's books, picturebooks, coloring, pirates, wizards, dragons, kings, queens, knights, pencil, paintbrush.

Pirate Treasure Ahoy! Now available on Amazon, Children's pirate adventure picturebook, the Hatpeople's second adventure, children's books, kidsbooks, kidlit, kidlitart, ship, island, sailor, captain, parrot, treasure map, strong female character.