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50 Inspirational Quotes to Live By in Daily Life |

50 Inspirational Quotes to Live By in Daily Life |

this is more a curse than a blessing, I wish that I was not this way. Some say this is what makes it beautiful...until you walk in the shoes of someone who feels everything with every beat of their heart, you will not understand the curse that it is...

Check! Loved being a hospital trainer/consultant...but am now pursuing MY passion of real estate and opening my own business. The traveling days are now 'just for fun, and the best part is not being alone on the road anymore, but instead...with my love!'

Disney's Art of Animation Resort - Disney's NEWEST Value Resort opening this year - Sections themed after The Little Mermaid, CARS, The Lion Kin and Finding Nemo. - has the most family suites accomodating families up to 6 people. Also has state of the art

✓. I went to Venice and I have to say I wasn't that impressed. It made me sad actually. I'm sure it was a beautiful city back in the day but it looks uncared for these days and it makes me sad. It was still an experience though.

Out of everywhere in the world, ever since I was younger I have always wanted to visit India. I met 3 girls from India and ever since I have always thought of what an interesting experience that would be to see their culture. It looks beautiful..

It gets pretty hard once you've reached a certain age, but if the circumstances are right and the company is worth it, this just might be a worthy bucket list idea...once. ha ha ha

Indoor Skydiving. I've Always wanted to skydive, indoors would be even cooler than outdoors because its not as dangerous most likely cheaper sounds more fun