Are Dinosaurs real? People always get fascinated when hearing about mysterious living things. You can find hundreds of movies about fascinated creatures of past. Some did exist in the past but most of them are fictitious

The National Research Council of Canada has suggested that the universe has a certain trait which blurs distant images of galaxies, and telescopes, no matter how big, will fail to clearly see them clearly.

Scientists, dreamers and billionaires are rushing to put humans on the red planet. Not just in the future, but now. Will Mars be our new home? The journey has begun.

A study suggests a vicious circle of greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels lead to higher temperatures, which lead to climate change.

Although, Mitra invalidates this explanation and calls them ultra-hot balls, which are actually Eternally Collapsing Balls (ECOs). They are extremely hot and immediately melt atoms and it appear as a vacuum hole.

A Chennai-based startup has come out with a unique device - a dual mode micro-inverter.

“Climate change is a key global gainsay and it is not of our creation. It is the result of global warming that came from prosperity and progress of an industrial age powered by fossil fuel,” said Modi.

India's indigenous position determination system being developed by national space agency ISRO will serve as a "replacement GPS" for the public with enhanced access in remote areas, an official said.

Social media was an "important tool" being used by terrorists to radicalise youths across India and offshore residents, police chiefs of metropolitan cities warned.

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