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New Life India Clinic provides all kinds of treatments for male and female infertility

If just one sperm can impregnate a female, why do we need so many sperms in semen? It is the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question. Let us deliberate all about that one sperm.One-sperm Vs. 100-million-spermsAccording to experts in the field, an average ejaculation of a semen by a man releases nearly 100 million ...

Marriage, in fact, is a social and legal license to plan your family. The journey of your dream to attaining parenthood is quite exciting. For some, this journey is blissful whereas others traverse through it facing unforeseen obstacles. Take these challenges in a good spirit.You can improve your chances of ...

Here is a testimonial of the Clinic. Dr Deeksha Tyagi is happy that Mithu is born to the couple whom she had treated for infertility.