Nevaeh Smart-Fullwood
Nevaeh Smart-Fullwood
Nevaeh Smart-Fullwood

Nevaeh Smart-Fullwood

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I'm surprised these are actually good ideas... 12 easy art nail "hacks"

Pink glitter over black polish... Apply a glossy black polish and let dry a pink glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dab on the very tips of nails until you have a solid pink tip a gradient using less and less glitter towards the nail bed. Cute!!

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How to make Rainbow Loom snakes - you can make them as long as you want! Tutorial video in the post.

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Rainbow Loom MICKEY MOUSE Charm Disney - YouTube If your child has mastered the art of loom band bracelet making, and wants to try something a little more complex, here are some fabulous tutorials on how to make some character loom band charms. #loombands