Great idea for fairy tales! Using white butcher paper, the teacher wrote "Once up a time" at the beginning of the sheet, and "The end" at the end. Kids drew and wrote a story in between:)

We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Then I had my preschoolers work in small groups to build a house for each bear. We compared sizes and figured out which size block we would need for each bear.

Literature 1: "Bear Hunt Sensory Bags" Bags are filled with different materials to represent the wavy grass, water, snow, etc. This activity allows children to connect with the story because they can see and feel the materials. It extends the book's atmosphere.

Who broke the chair? The 3 bears crime scene. Children enjoyed using cameras, phones and magnifying glasses to find clues around the Nursery.

The Three Bears @ The Virtual Vine - A cute way to graph anything bears. Great extension of the 3 Bears story... Do you like Porridge?

Our small world area has also been turned into a Goldilocks and the Three Bears house, complete with three diferent sized beds, three different sized chairs and the Three Bears and Goldilocks themselves.

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