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Bollywood celebrities and atrocious rumours go hand-in-hand. Who would have thought that a little extra weight or even a loosely fitted dress can get people talking about being pregnant. Well, that’s what a starlet’s life is all about. Be it Kareena Kapoor’s brief absence from the shutterbugs or Vidya Balan’s growing girth, these pregnancy rumours created quite a stir in bollyland.  Take a look. Don't Miss: 10 Celebs Who had C-Section Babies Image courtesy: BCCL


Nothing makes a woman happier and blissful than the thought of buying a piece of jewellery that she desires. Of all the motifs that have been used over time, there is one which has forever remained evergreen - the floral motif. Floral motifs have been a constant favourite of women the world over. Floral inspired jewellery, be it in pendants, necklaces, earrings or brooches, captures the essence of nature and is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

There is something about pasta that we all love. Be it simple pasta with tomato ketchup or a complicated one with a variety of sauces on the side, fresh hand-rolled pasta or readymade packets sold in stores; this dish is fast becoming the global comfort food.

Celebrating womanhood all this month, it is but imperative that we focus on the well-being of women. And I strongly believe that good health starts with small steps taken daily. That said, let me tell you about some smart fitness tricks for the 21st century woman is always on the go! Here are some pointers which will help to keep you on the track to greater well-being.

Many prople know that adequate calcium intake is important to health. However, national nutrition surveys show that less than 50 per cent of adults aged 20 and older are consuming the calcium they need to maintain bone heaith and minimise bone loss that occurs with ageing. Unfortunately, many do not know how much calcium they need and many mistakenly believe that they are consuming enough.

Bollywood hottie Shraddha Kapoor recently turned 22 and guess what, her alleged boyfriend Aditya Roy Kapur was missing from the birthday bash. We were hoping Aditya would be the smitten boyfriend and take her to a candle-lit dinner on her birthday but none of that happened for Shraddha. But we didn’t catch her sulking around; rather the actress celebrated her birthday on the sets of her movie The Villian and enjoyed it without her boyfriend.

Do you ever experience a sense of intolerance for other people’s noisy and misbehaved kids? Even as a mom, you might have little desire to hold your friends’ babies, and often have to force yourself to coo over their scrunched up little faces. If this is your story, you aren’t alone.

Spring is all about happy and fun colours. So, why not splash your home with the colours of the season? These vibrant home decor ideas not just reflect the spirit of the festival, but will also add a colourful zing to your space for the rest of the year. Happy Holi, folks!

Aloo paratha is the desi version of our daily bread. Every single household has their unique style of preparing aloo paratha. So, whether you are reading this recipe to learn how to make your very first, or 1000th, aloo paratha it has the secret touch of Tarla Dalal. You should know that with her recipes, you would never go wrong and will always learn something new

Massive search for Malaysian jet: Ships & aircrafts involved - Massive search for Malaysian jet: Ships & aircrafts involved

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