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Gifts are precious because they are a true reflection of who you are and how much you care for another. Choose from an ensemble of caring and compassionate eco-gifts, for the discerning and conscientious. And earn the blessings of supporting our world!
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GIFTS OF GOODNESS FOR HOMES/OFFICE: Five Metal Vaastu Lamp.Cleansing, Energy Correction, Uplifting. Much like the pyramids and the mystery that shrouds the power of their inner spaces, the science of Vaastu is an ancient system that aligns positive energies of nature and restores balance between the built space (microcosm) and the cosmos (macrocosm). Gift this to yourself or a very special dear one and earn lifetimes of gratitude.

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NATURAL WELL-BEING GIFTS - Yoga & Meditation: From herbal, organic-cotton yoga mats, to pure wool n silk meditation seats, natural essential oils and a lot more, choose a loving & caring gift for which you will be remembered across time.

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LIFE CHANGING GIFTS: My Experiments with Truth. M K Gandhi - An Autobiography. Simple enough to be read by a 16 or 61 year-old alike, its grounding and a life changer. A must read for those, who really want to make a difference to their own life and the world around them. Gift it to yourself or to those you care for. It's the most impressionable gift you could possibly ever give.

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GIFTS OF GRACE & GRATITUDE - Blessings: Blessed Bodhi Leaf, Blessed n Anointed Idols, Prayer Beads and much more. Pick a handmade gift that is filled with the blessings of grace and goodness and receive the blessings of love.

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A GIFT FOR ARISTOCRACY - Organic Saffron Tea: Claimed as the most expensive spice in the world, its delicate aroma and golden hue have captured the hearts of aristocracy since time and till this day, is sought after by connoisseurs across the world. Limited edition gifts, for those who don't really need a gift.

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TIMELESS GIFTS OF HERITAGE - Inspired and encouraged by the patronage of the royals, Rajasthan across centuries created the splendor of design and art form that had deep roots in Indian culture. Just a handful of highly skilled passionate artisans continue the tradition of hand turning, hand engraving and etching this intricate art, that was created over a 1000 years ago! Gift an ageless piece of art to your most beloved, she'd be bewildered!!

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GIFT ECO-FASHION ACCESSORIES - Tribal Tapestry: The mosaic of their chic creations find expression in cottons, silks, tussars, wool et al. With the ingenuity of tie-resist-dye, hand paint, block print, needle work and such other, from scaves, to stoles, hangovers, bags and more, their artistry is acutely distinctive and classic in its rendition. Stun your world with what you gift as each piece inversely will help contribute to the sustainability of an artisans home.

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HAND-SPUN GIFTS OF ETERNAL ROMANCE - Haute Couture - Khadi: From the humble beginnings of the call of Gandhi began a movement of self-sustainability, dignity of hand work and inclusive growth. A movement called khadi. A hundred years on, millions of hands in unlit hamlets spin the magic of yarn into awesome fabrics, Anything that you may gift will not only add to the pride of her collection, but will fuel the fire of an artisans home and help make the world a better place.

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MUSICAL GIFTS FOR POSTERITY: Ancient Musical Instruments - Handmade by folk singers in tiny hamlets across India, these few instruments are hard to find. Gift one from our collection to someone who values the evolution of music and gain centre stage for your thoughtfulness.

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GREAT GETAWAY GIFTS: Haute Couture, Desert Storm: From the innards of the deserted desert of Rajasthan where temperatures rise beyond 131°F ( 55°C ) emerge these really cool and chic chiffon sarongs, hand printed in vivacious yet muted colors that are as refreshing as your getaway. Gift a getaway hint and enjoy the spoils that come with it.

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