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My Big Moment

My up and coming big moment will hopefully be me and my partner getting married. We have been together 9years, this year. Since we was just childhood sweethearts at 15. We have successfully created a happy and loving home with our 2 daughters, 3&18months. This opportunity will help us massively, as I have already planned it out on what we need so we can save. And next is our main shop. Quite possible our one-stop shop for everything!
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Buy Lace Dress from the Next UK online shop Night before "the big moment" pre-celebration party dress. X @Next #MyBigMoment


Buy Grey Jacket (12mths-16yrs) from the Next UK online shop For my two younger brothers same as the best man/ushers. @Next #MyBigMoment


Buy Butterfly Bridesmaid Dress (3mths-6yrs) from the Next UK online shop Next shoes have always been number 1 for my daughters. Beautiful designs and never had any size, uncomfortable complaints from either. This would match their dresses beautifully x @Next #MyBigMoment


Buy Pocket Square from the Next UK online shop Another purple scheme final touch @Next #MyBigMoment


Buy Waistcoat from the Next UK online shop We would detail in purple as it is our favourite colour. We would need two of each purple items one for the groom, the other for the best man! X @Next #MyBigMoment


Bed Linen - Page 5 Wedding bed linen. I have a love for bed linen as it is. And to have one as a special reminder periodically throughout the year of our "big moment" would be a lovely idea. X @Next #MyBigMoment

Congratulations Gift Card Always a great gift to give, a next card. Although I would probably spend it in the beautiful kids clothes range! X @Next #MyBigMoment

Buy You And Me Frame from the Next UK online shop Came across this and would LOVE this in the hallway with a wedding picture of both myself and lee in our wedding attire. Possible gift to ourselves, or maybe for our gift list x @Next #MyBigMoment

Buy White Ruffle Socks Two Pack (Younger Girls) from the Next UK online shop Socks for the bridesmaids to match dress & shoes! Got a little love for frilly socks on the girls ;-) x @Next #MyBigMoment

Buy Signature Cardigan (3-16yrs) from the Next UK online Little cardigan for the girls x @Next #MyBigMoment