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Awesome Places to roam in Bangalore

The IT Capital of India has a lot more to boast about ,other than its remarkable contributions in the field of technology. Bangalore has today become the shelter to many indians from around the globe to fulfil their dreams. From food to shopping to travel destinations ,the city has set a benchmark for it all. the best parties,street food, job openings and also opportunities to start your own business, the city has it all. #love #bangalore
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Caught between the debates of whether it’s better for future of humans, and the world in general, for us all to turn vegetarians or not, we usually forget that vegetarian dishes can pack a mighty taste punch. And that is exactly what these veg restaurants in Bangalore remind you of.


15 Veg Restaurants In Bangalore, For The Great Green Taste

14 Awesome Places For Pizza In Bangalore

13 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Bangalore

8 Places In Bangalore To Relish The Best Shawarma In Town

Shawarma is a budget friendly middle-eastern wrap. The meat is grilled for as long as a day, which is dressed with tahina, garlic sauce, French fries, pickled veggies and wrapped in pita bread. Here are the Top 8 Shawarma Joints to relish in Bangalore-

8 Places In Bangalore To Relish The Best Shawarma In Town

Jog Falls created by the Sharavathi River falling from a height of 253 meters ft) is the highest plunge waterfall in India Located in Shimoga District of Karnataka state (India)

9 Spectacular Waterfalls Around Bangalore

12 Best Restaurants In Bangalore To Grab A Burger

There are places which you can readily visit to experience something ans then there are those places that are not so readily accessible-divided either by time or by geographical distances. It’s for the latter that theme restaurants exist, to satisfy not just our craving for good food but also to satiate the urge to take a lift from reality and enter a far away place, wilfully, and delightfully. Here are 12 amazing theme restaurants in Bangalore for you to check out.

12 Theme Restaurants In Bangalore For Extra Ordinary Dining

New to Bangalore and love clubbing?? Not much idea about the late night places in Bangalore. Here are 12 fantastic late night hangouts in Bangalore, for the night owls and the ones that howl over a drink or two.

12 Incredible Late Night Hangouts In Bangalore For The Night Owls