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Amritsar - Golden Temple - Feeds up to 100k people a day. Through the power of generosity.


The Kitchen at the Golden Temple Feeds up to 100,000 People a Day for Free

Kitchen at Golden Temple, Amritsar. Langar getting ready..


Madura Beats

04-Bhagat Puran Singh and Piara Singh - the 'Garland' around his neck (1960s) by Manvir_Singh_, via Flickr


Daya, Compassion

Bhagat Puran Singh (1902-1992): He dedicated his life to helping the mentally and physically ill who had been abandoned by family and society, left in the streets to die. He opened the first hospital dedicated to help these unfortunate people. He was also a strong environmentalist and published and wrote much of environmental pollution and soil erosion.

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Disaster Charity Khalsa Aid Helps Flood Victims #ukfloods

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