Pale Green Silk leaf Night Light - Little Wing Faerie Art on Storenvy

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Lugh - Celtic Sun God, also known as Lámhfhada, or Long Hand, which refers to his many skills (magic, poetry, warcraft, smithing, etc.) The son of a Cian, a De Danann, and Ethniu, a Fomorian, Lugh chose to be De Danann. He gained a place in Nuada's high court with his many skills. Sometimes arrogant or forceful, he lost his magic spear to Crom Dubh when the two fought after he tried to force himself on Crom's daughter. Despite this, he is mostly good, and is honored on Lughnasa.

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Fairy Tree in Ireland. Tie a wish onto its Hawthorn branches. When your wish us granted, its released from its branches... Floating far into the heavens...<3

original: Leodan Whiteflaeme 2 by MathiaArkoniel

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