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A set of printable cards with spelling rules for the following sounds short o after qu, short o after w, or before l, ur after w, q and x. Sassoon font is used throughout and the resources are created in dyslexia friendly colour schemes. This resources is text only - one with image support will be added at a later date.

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Word Search - Make Your Own Template: A configurable Word Search to play with your own list of words.

Interactive teaching activity where pupils think of adverbs that describe the verb contained in each photo shown. Includes supporting worksheets in a mind map style.

Punctuate the simple or complex sentences. A TES iboard interactive activity to add punctuation to sentences, based around scenes from a traditional tale.

A set of five simple check-list style cards that pupils can use when checking their own work. Focuses on capitalisation, punctuation, grammar, editing work and revising work. Could be printed off at a smaller size if required.

Pocket sized foldables, mini books and cards that outline spelling rules and strategies to help pupils remember spellings. Could be useful as reminders in the run up to the SPaG test .Mini books are based on a one sheet foldable idea from Simon Finch/@Simona Finkelsteinaite

Interactive teaching activity where pupils must correct sentences that contain errors. Sentences get progressively more tricky as the activity is moved through. SMART Board activity also included. Allows for whole class, small group, or individual work. Has been tested to work on SMART iPad app also. Includes supporting worksheets.

Interactive teaching activity where pupils think of imaginative and descriptive words that reflect the photos shown. Includes a selection for worksheets, in different styles, to accompany each slide. The resource is designed for word work but could easily be extended if desired. Allows for whole class, small group, or individual work.

An interactive teaching activity. Each slide includes two sets of nouns that can be used for sentence building work. For each sentence there are 3 or 4 nouns, each with supporting illustrations, and a live text box, for modelling purposes, which can be typed in while the presentation is running as a slide show.