Focus on the positive not the negative. If some ones brings you down, remember that they might also be going through something too. Talk to them and find out why. Be kind everyday t everyone. <<<< Is that Dave-cat? .-.

I wish this was my life…besides the part where I would be running. I'd prefer it to be walking quietly through a bookstore eating a cupcake or ice cream cone while he plays eye of the tiger. very inspiring :)

Also when you confront a guy who's harassing you and he tells you he was "joking" when he hit on you sigh dramatically and tell him that's a huge relief

Pretty much, but i would need about 3 more things to make it a perfect day.. 1 being a Pepsi OR a Coke. 2 being chocolate OR "lil Debbie cakes" (like fudge rounds! ) lol

Note: Colors may differ slightly between the pictures and the real item due to light and moniter effer. Rate(itemarrived). | eBay!

Minnie finally ate all her food...I bought the kind with extra gravy...I am going to choose to believe that makes her a true southern sort of cat and as we all know EVERYTHING is better in the South.

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