I found these doodles I drew some time ago and I thought I would upload them here in case it came handy So, I was trying to figure the dressing progress of a victorian era lady (that is of 1883 and...

Hypatia of Alexandria - pagan philosopher and scientist who taught students of all religions, the Neoplatonic philosophy that she imparted helped shape the developing Christian doctrine of the Trinity. She was tortured to death during a riot in Alexandria

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A tumblr dedicated to fantasy art spanning multiple genres: high fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi and urban fantasy. All Works are credited with links. None of the images are owned by Fantasy Art Engine....

*squize* This is exactly how I imagine old Évan'rêy looked like before its destruction in the First Demon War!

GOT PAID LOTS TO DRESS IN COSTUME AND ACT ❗️❗️❗️❗️. Rachel Weisz as Hypatia in Agora - 2009

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