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Sun:I will not fight I would make you understand I have the ability to Durn, make fire,and love you <<<< this description is awesome

Hello, I'm Princess Emory of Rohan, cousin to Prince Peter and Princess Rowan and I'm the Queen's Ward. I'm 19 years old and consider myself to be outgoing, but handy with a sword. I'm married to the love of my life, Sir Ronan.

Sumerian Estence is a scavenger type who likes to tinker, owns a company called sCRAP, and will see a business oppurtunity in anything. He is the guy to go to if you want hard to find ship parts, gun parts, or parts in general.

One thing I do mourn is that you cannot wear skirts on a motorbike. If they’re too long, they could get caught in the wheel, and even so, if you fell off with bare legs, you would not want to expose them ever again. Imagine tarmac scrapes, at 70 MPH.

"I was told my destiny was a locked room, hours into the night writing numbers into a journal. But I know now that my destiny lies between the waves of the sea." -Alexander

This is who I had become. But could I live, even love the new me? Perhaps not, but I would kill, take the deaths on my shoulders and be the hero everyone needed right now. I had the power, but did I have the heart? More

I do NOT like mushy stuff but this style is so pretty I just have to save this. For the style alone.