Mathomathis is one of the group that communicates with the people who are open minded to take the spiritual world into a mathematical world. Here we try to open/ask/understand the spiritual world (Vedas : Rig veda, Yajur veda, Sama Veda & Atharvana veda) which describes us how to lead our life in this world in terms of pure mathematical concepts.
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Sankara gives the Vedas ... Annapurna is in the background. (ja 1994)

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As we all know the 4 vedas are the basic foundation of this planet, which also describes how to survive and lead our life. So, here as a mathomathis team we are trying to understand, what we so call GODS in terms of science and see how we can reason out much further and dig the concepts more and more, so that we get a clear idea of what we are dealing with..

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Continuing from the previous article, on Scientific reasons for Hindu Rituals - Part (II), now we proceed further on more interesting articles;Question No 14). Why do we ring the bell in a temple?Answer: Is it to wake up the Lord? But the Lord never sleeps. Is it to let the Lord know we have come? H

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