Our line of Mini-Swords features miniature replicas of several of our full-sized swords, all with fully tempered blades and correctly detailed hilts. Visit windlassword.com to get more details.

Whether you're an Armor collector, looking for a new medieval shield to decorate your home, or a practitioner looking for a functional helmet, or medieval suit of armor for a reenactment. Just visit windlasssword.com. http://bit.ly/20zb7PL

The development of plated armor was a boon to knights and soldiers across Europe. Windlass Sword carries suits of armors that are based on famous and valiant knights, such as Duke of Burgundy and many more.

Already own a sword - but it needs to be refurbished or repaired? Visit windlass sword for any information and service on Sword Repair & Refurbishing.

Discover the paring knife with a curved blade is a handy tool for peeling fruit and cutting root vegetables. Knifeindia offers a huge selection of professional-grade kitchen paring knives.

A karambit is a curved blade fighting knife. It is an Indonesian weapon that originated out of Sumatra. And folklore says it is modeled after the claw of big cats. http://bit.ly/21ujA76

We manufactures different types of drilling equipment to industry with high quality like casing spools, drilling spools, spacer spools, and adapter spools. Visit windlassengineers.com for more information.

Pup Joints are used to adjust the height of full length tubing or casing strings. They are also used to adjust the depth of downhole tools.Here at Windlass Engineers, Pup Joints are available in custom length and connection types as per your request.

Windlass Engineers remote control panels are designed to meet the customer's requirements. We range from stand-alone or wall-mounted styles with air or electric indication. Visit Windlassengineers.com for more details.

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