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The Wednesday Edit on

The Wednesday Edit on Twitter: "This face isn't helping with the procrastination levels...#cutetho #borderterrier"

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Reg BT on

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Sharron & Zeus on


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Scurvy on

Scurvy on Twitter: "Wattya mean I iznt sposd te be at da top ov da stairs?"

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Maggie Moo on

Maggie Moo on Twitter: "Excellent walk & fun-fight with #CrazyRuby by #LochSunart today. We call the game ‘fierce dogs’. ‘cos we’re not."

TaztheBorder on

TaztheBorder on Twitter: "Whilst she is clearing leaves I have been made to wear *horrors* a coat as she says too cold to be sitting around without it #fusspot"

BonnieBooBT on

BonnieBooBT on Twitter: "Thank you for coming to stay with us. Don't worry Auntie Aimee I'm looking after the slippers you left!!😈 @AimeeHorton"