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“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone. We find it with one another.” —Thomas Merton ..*


Vishnu - The Invisible Protector have come in the form of Rama, Krishna and Buddha & the awaited avatar is Kalki.


Know that what appears to be Love for an ‘other’ is really Love of Self because ‘other’ doesn’t exist. So this innermost Love can be given to no ‘other’. Love of friends is for the sake of Self, not for body to body. True love has no Lover or Beloved because all Love is Love of Self.


Peacock feather contains all the 7 colours in it. entire universe is covered by akasha(ether) appears blue in day times and black in night.Krishna is identified by 'Blue' & 'Black'. Krishna paksha in Indian calender i.e, the darker phase of 14 days of the moon. the entire range of colours (we mortal beings) is in him. In virtue he is colourless but in the day he appears blue, black in the night to our vision and in between make us discuss all this multi-coloured multi-perceptional views.